I'm Totally Rebranding in Just 2 Weeks!

I'm Totally Rebranding in Just 2 Weeks!

Yep it's time. My online digs are in need of renovation. And now that I'm a graphic designer, I'm armed with the tools and the skills to do it. But before I get into how I'm going to do it, I first want to tell you why.

In my first blog post back, I said that I was thinking that I would keep my graphic design separate from my blog. But after having almost two weeks to sit with this decision, I realised that it wasn't actually what I want. I made it out of the fear that the two were incompatible.

But I love graphic design, and I love talking about and sharing what I've learnt in my continuing inner work. After all you can't separate our inner work, from the work we do in the world. They both feed each other.

So I've decided not to separate it. Anyone who has a blog or a business knows how it is one of the best ways of bringing up all sorts of fears and issues for us to face. Putting yourself out there will do that to you. Blogging and/or running a business is just as much an inner journey as it is an outer one. And so my blog is going to continue to be a place for me to share and document the lessons I'm learning in design, branding, blogging and life.