Why You're Losing Motivation For Your Blog

Why You're Losing Motivation For Your Blog

During my time off (which you can read about in my previous post) I learnt a lot. The time offline really gave me an opportunity to reflect and get really honest with myself. Perhaps the most significant realisation was why I was struggling to find the inspiration and motivation to blog and 'go pro'. The week before I stopped blogging I had sent out an email to my subscribers (if your not already on the list you can join here) declaring my intention to, in the words of Steven Pressfield,  'go pro'. B-School had just started again and I was genuinely really excited to go through the course and really implement everything into my blog and business.

But then (ba ba bowww) I crashed. I was literally exhausted because I had spent the last 2 years with my wheels spinning, trying to find some traction to propel me forward. I was trying to create the life of freedom, passion and creativity I wanted and to become the person I've always wanted to be.

I just couldn't do it anymore. It all caught up with me and I was forced to face some things in myself and in my life that I had been avoiding. It was quite intense and I just couldn't find the motivation to blog or do B-School. Luckily I had enough insight to realise that I was feeling this way for a reason so I honored it and gave myself permission to have a break, while I explored what was really going on.

In my exploration I dug up one of the most valuable insights.

Why You Should Stop Searching For Your Purpose

Why You Should Stop Searching For Your Purpose

What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?

I'm sure you've asked yourself this question at least once, if not a dozen times. The asking of it is the impetus for the inward journey for many people.

It seems like everyone in the personal growth and spirituality community is on a quest to find the answer. Attend any self help seminar and the room is filled with people who are searching for their life's purpose.

The strange thing with our life's purpose is that we all have this sense that the answer is there deep within us but it's really tricky to nail down. We go through hundreds of ideas, try out loads of different hobbies, desperately looking for that thing that makes us tick.

The whole process of uncovering our calling is really hard. Often we feel like the more we search the further away we become. When we haven't had any epiphanies or that certainty of a 'HELL YES!' we attend more workshops, read more books, do more inner work, and continue searching. And the relentless cycle continues.

It can get really frustrating, overwhelming  and disheartening. You end up just not really getting anywhere.

Something has to change, there has to be another way. And there is