Why You Should Stop Searching For Your Purpose


What is my purpose in life? Why am I here?

I'm sure you've asked yourself this question at least once, if not a dozen times. The asking of it is the impetus for the inward journey for many people.

It seems like everyone in the personal growth and spirituality community is on a quest to find the answer. Attend any self help seminar and the room is filled with people who are searching for their life's purpose.

The strange thing with our life's purpose is that we all have this sense that the answer is there deep within us but it's really tricky to nail down. We go through hundreds of ideas, try out loads of different hobbies, desperately looking for that thing that makes us tick.

The whole process of uncovering our calling is really hard. Often we feel like the more we search the further away we become. When we haven't had any epiphanies or that certainty of a 'HELL YES!' we attend more workshops, read more books, do more inner work, and continue searching. And the relentless cycle continues.

It can get really frustrating, overwhelming  and disheartening. You end up just not really getting anywhere.

Something has to change, there has to be another way. And there is

Stop Searching

DISCLAIMER: This is not to be confused with giving up.

When we are so desperate for an outcome (i.e. discovering our life's purpose) we automatically attach all kinds of expectations to it. Expectations around how and when it will happen, how it will feel, what needs to happen first, how it will change you and your life and what it will mean.

Some expectations around finding your life's purpose may look a little something like this:

"In order to find my life's purpose I need to do a little more inner work and soul searching in order to make me ready and worthy. Once I'm ready it will just come to me. Perhaps I'll just find myself doing what my purpose is and have a moment of clarity or maybe I'll have some sort of spiritual/dream experience. When I find my calling everything will fall into place. I will know who I am and embody my highest self. My life will be filled with passion, inspiration and joy. I will be abundant in all things - finances, family, friends, community, career."

However when we hold expectations we block ourselves off, we miss opportunities or don't pick up on the clues because they aren't what we were expecting. It usually just makes things harder and prolongs the process.

On the other hand, when we release our expectations and attachments to the outcome,

we open ourselves up to receiving

We lean into the flow of life and take everything as it comes. Therefore we are much more able and likely to pick up on the subtle clues and to attract the right people and experiences into our life.

(By the way I've found that my new meditation practice has helped me immensely with this)

We all know of at least one person who was desperately searching for their life partner and found them the minute they stopped looking. It's the same with anything, including your life's purpose, passion, calling.

It is not our job to find our life's purpose. It is our job to allow our life's purpose to find us. Tweet it and pin it ya'll

It is not our job to find our life's purpose, it is our job to allow our life's purpose to find us | Nicola Murrin | Blog Post: Why You Should Stop Searching For Your Life's Purpose

Lots of love

Nicola x x