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Pinterest is one of my favourite tools and resources in design. I absolutely love it. In case you’re not already on it, Pinterest is a photo sharing website that allows users to organise and save images, known as pins, onto pinboards. Each pin is linked to the original source url making it perfect for not only saving a collection of images but also for things you might want to read later like recipes, tutorials or blog posts.

It’s a great place for finding inspiration for different design projects but it also doubles as a fantastic tool for organising and saving inspiration not only from Pinterest but from anywhere on the web. This is exactly what I do. I create a secret group board for each of my clients so that we can both pin design inspiration which helps direct the design.


Design Seeds

Another fantastic colour pallet resource. All colour pallets on Design Seeds are inspired by a photograph which I find really helpful in visualising how the colours work in a real setting as opposed to blocks of colour next to each other on a page.



COLOURlovers is an online creative community which allows people to create and share colours, colour palettes and patterns. It is a great place to find a colour pallet for your design, especially if you find it difficult to come up with one on your own.


Inspiration Grid

Inspiration Grid is a free online magazine featuring design, art, illustration, typography, photography, architecture, fashion and more. It is a great resource when you are looking for inspiration for your designs. You can easily browse by the type of design so you won’t be wasting time looking at things that aren’t relevant to your project.



Designspiration is another tool for discovering great art, design, architecture, photography and web inspiration. You can use their search bar to find things relevant to your design project and you can also filter by colour which is really neat.


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