You don't need a designer to look like a pro online

You can DIY for FREE with the right tools and resources


Do you wish that you had a beautifully designed brand and blog but don’t have the money yet to invest in professional designer?

Do you want to do your own design but then the thought of wrapping your head around Photoshop gives you nightmares?

Are you not quite ready to invest in expensive professional design software, stock photos and fonts.

Are you struggling to find good quality free design resources that don’t look cheap, nasty and outdated?


I hear you.

Not long ago I would have been answering yes to all of these questions too. Back then I wished there was one place that I could find out which programs to use and where to find all the best design resources so that I could do my own design for free.

And that’s exactly why I created The Design Vault.

I didn’t have anything like this so I had to find it all for myself. After a lot of googling and watching countless youtube tutorials I began to build up a solid toolkit of design resources, programs and tools. I actually spent so much time concentrated on design that I decided to step it up and actually become a graphic designer (you can read about that further down).

One of the things about becoming a graphic designer is that it has made me even more fussy (aachu design snob) about the quality of the free design elements that I use or recommend. There is a lot of free junk out there but I am only interested in the best - the stuff that doesn’t look free.


You want the quality of your design to look so good that people wouldn’t even know that a professional didn’t design it.

For that you need good quality, photos, fonts, icons, backgrounds, patterns and the right software to mix it all together in.

Over the years I have spent hours scouring the internet for the best places to find amazing, high quality design resources and trying out different design software.

Now I have brought it all together in one place and I want you to have it for FREE

I want you to save yourself the time and the hassle because I know how much of a help it would have been to me, when I was just starting out, if I had access to something like this.


What's Inside The Design Vault


The Design Vault is an online hub where you'll find all the best 100% free 

>> Design Software
>> Stock Photography
>> Fonts Vectors
>> Design tools


Learn how to navigate the confusing world of licenses so that you will be easily and leagally able to use any free download


Lifetime access to any update



How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing! This is 100% free because I want you to be able to save money while your starting out and do your own design for free. Besides I couldn't in good conscience make you pay for this when all the resources inside The Design Vault are free!

Couldn’t I just use google?

Yes you could, if you’ve got the time and the patience to trawl the internet to find all the resources you need. It has taken me a few years to build up this resource list so why do the work when I’ve already done it for you?

Do you receive any commission for your recommendations in The Design Vault?

No, I am not affiliated with any of the websites or companies that I have included in The Design Vault and do not receive any payment for recommending them to you.

Will the free design software you recommend require download and installation on my computer?

No, I have only included free online design software in The Design Vault.

Does The Design Vault include free website building platforms?

No. In my experience the free website platforms are limited in their design and layout customisation abilities and therefore it's very difficult to make your erbsite look professional. You also often cannot have your own custom domain name. If you are wanting to look professional then website domain name and hosting is one area I recommend investing in.

Which website platform do you use?

I used to be on Wordpress but I have now moved to Squarespace because it is extremely easy to use and their library of beautiful templates makes it easy to build a gorgeous website without using any code. Their templates are highly customizable so it’s easy to make a website that is unique. In my opinion Squarespace is well worth investing in (and no I wasn’t paid to say that either). They have annual or monthly payment plans available


And who am I anyway?


Hey I’m Nicola,

I’m a graphic designer as well as a dreamer, creator, travel lover, bookworm and cat lady from Sydney Australia.

I work with other passionate creative entrepreneurs, coaches and bloggers to help them create a beautiful brand and website that reflects the heart and soul of their business on the outside, whether that’s working 1:1 with clients to design them a new brand and website or helping my tribe to DIY their own design through my blog and of course The Design Vault.

I stumbled into graphic design after leaving the corporate world in my mid 20’s in search of “my purpose in life”. During this time I began a blog and did a life coaching course while nannying to earn some money. I discovered my love of graphic design after I taught myself how to brand and build my own website. So I decided to retrain and become a graphic designer and the rest, as they say, is history.