Frequently Asked Questions



I have some extra items I need designed that are not listed in your brand design package. Can I add them to my design package?

Absolutely! We can definitely tailor your design package to suit your needs. The branding package allows for up to 4 brand collateral items but you also add on more at additional cost if you need. Be sure to detail the specific items you require in my booking request form.

Can an ebook be one of my brand collateral items?

No, unfortunately not. Designing an ebook is a whole project in itself requiring much more thought, time and effort than most other brand collateral items. If you wish me to design your ebook it will be a separate project and the cost will depend on the content and the number of pages. You can include your ebook requirements in the booking form and I'll include it in your quote

What is your design process?

You can check out the process I follow on my Design Process page.

Does the price of your design package include font and stock image costs?

No, these are additional costs. However, depending on your budget, I try to use free fonts and stock imagery. Having said that good quality free stock photography is very limited and may not always be possible.

Does the price include printing costs?

No. I provide you with print ready files for you to arrange your own printing.



Which website platforms do you use to design websites?

I design websites using Squarespace

Do you design custom websites/blogs from scratch?

No, I design my websites by customising Squarespace templates. In my opinion Squarespace has some of the best website templates out there. Their template library is quite extensive and versatile, with templates suitable for pretty much every website need. The design possibilities are (almost) endless.

Do you design Wordpress websites?

No, I only work with Squarespace.

Why did you move from Wordpress to Squarespace?

While there certainly are benefits to Wordpress, I chose to move to Squarespace because it is much more user friendly. It is easy to build beautiful websites without having to use code and it is much easier to maintain and update than Wordpress. This is particularly important, not only for me and my own website but for my clients. My goal is for you to be able to easily maintain and update your website once I have set it up so that you don't have to pay me (or someone else) every time you want to make small adjustments. With Squarespace you will be able to easily do that from one central, user friendly dashboard.

What if I don't know how to use Squarespace?

No problems. I offer you a personal tutorial on how to use and maintain your site as part of your web design package. Squarespace is that easy that once you have had your tutorial with me you will be able to confidently update and maintain your website.

Does your website design package include web hosting and domain name purchasing?

No it doesn't. You will need to purchase that separately.

How do I my purchase domain name and web hosting?

When you create an account with Squarespace your website and domain name will automatically be hosted through them. Squarespace offers a 14 day free trail so you won't actually need to pay for your domain and web hosting before I design your website.

What if I already have purchased my domain name with another provider?

Unfortunately Squarespace does not offer domain name registration transfer but you can still connect a 3rd party domain name to your Squarespace site. This means you will continue to pay your domain registration to the provider you purchased it from.

I already have an existing self hosted Wordpress site. Can you still redesign my site?

Absolutely. That is, if you are happy to move your website from Wordpress to Squarespace. Don't know how to do that? Never fear, I can migrate your site for you.

If I migrate my Wordpress site to Squarespace will my domain name stay the same?

Yes. The process of migrating your Wordpress site to Squarespace involves a process that is called domain mapping. Basically what this does is point your domain name to your Squarespace site. Whenever someone types in your url, once you have migrated and activated your site, they will be taken to your new Squarespace site.



Do you charge GST?

No, at this stage GST is not charged.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes a 50% deposit is payable before the design process can begin.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, I'm afraid I don't accept credit card. I accept payment via Electronic Funds Transfer. Details will be provided during the booking process.