I hear you.

Not long ago I would have been answering yes to all of these questions too. Back then I wished there was one place that I could find out which programs to use and where to find all the best design resources so that I could do my own design for free.

And that’s exactly why I created The Design Vault.

I didn’t have anything like this so I had to find it all for myself. After a lot of googling and watching countless youtube tutorials I began to build up a solid toolkit of design resources, programs and tools. I actually spent so much time concentrated on design that I decided to step it up and actually become a graphic designer (you can read about that further down).

One of the things about becoming a graphic designer is that it has made me even more fussy (aachu design snob) about the quality of the free design elements that I use or recommend. There is a lot of free junk out there but I am only interested in the best - the stuff that doesn’t look free.