How much does this cost?

Absolutely nothing! This is 100% free because I want you to be able to save money while your starting out and do your own design for free. Besides I couldn't in good conscience make you pay for this when all the resources inside The Design Vault are free!

Couldn’t I just use google?

Yes you could, if you’ve got the time and the patience to trawl the internet to find all the resources you need. It has taken me a few years to build up this resource list so why do the work when I’ve already done it for you?

Do you receive any commission for your recommendations in The Design Vault?

No, I am not affiliated with any of the websites or companies that I have included in The Design Vault and do not receive any payment for recommending them to you.

Will the free design software you recommend require download and installation on my computer?

No, I have only included free online design software in The Design Vault.

Does The Design Vault include free website building platforms?

No. In my experience the free website platforms are limited in their design and layout customisation abilities and therefore it's very difficult to make your erbsite look professional. You also often cannot have your own custom domain name. If you are wanting to look professional then website domain name and hosting is one area I recommend investing in.

Which website platform do you use?

I used to be on Wordpress but I have now moved to Squarespace because it is extremely easy to use and their library of beautiful templates makes it easy to build a gorgeous website without using any code. Their templates are highly customizable so it’s easy to make a website that is unique. In my opinion Squarespace is well worth investing in (and no I wasn’t paid to say that either). They have annual or monthly payment plans available