And who am I anyway?


Hey I’m Nicola,

I’m a graphic designer as well as a dreamer, creator, travel lover, bookworm and cat lady from Sydney Australia.

I work with other passionate creative entrepreneurs, coaches and bloggers to help them create a beautiful brand and website that reflects the heart and soul of their business on the outside, whether that’s working 1:1 with clients to design them a new brand and website or helping my tribe to DIY their own design through my blog and of course The Design Vault.

I stumbled into graphic design after leaving the corporate world in my mid 20’s in search of “my purpose in life”. During this time I began a blog and did a life coaching course while nannying to earn some money. I discovered my love of graphic design after I taught myself how to brand and build my own website. So I decided to retrain and become a graphic designer and the rest, as they say, is history.